Approach to Feedback

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Plymouth Grove Primary School Approach to Feedback 

Article 29 of the UNCRC: a child or young person's education should help their mind, body and talents be the best they can

Global Goal 4: Quality Education

Feedback is given in three ways (in order of decreasing importance)

  1. Immediate feedback at the point of teaching
  2. Summary feedback at the end of a lesson/task
  3. Review feedback-away from the point of teaching (including written comments)

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Dialogic teaching

Rosehenshine explains, “Effective teachers ask more questions from students in greater depth, checking for understanding, involving all learners and exploring thinking processes and misconceptions as well as correct answers.

Teachers commonly use three questions:

? Management related

? Information recall related

? Higher order questions


Blank questioning - breaks down language into 4 levels from the most concrete (Level 1) to most abstract (Level 4)

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