Approach of Technology for Learning

The vision of ‘Technology for Learning’ at Plymouth Grove is to enhance learning and ensure that student-teacher interactions are more personalised. Subject leaders are equipped with the tools and pedagogy for teachers to facilitate a ‘blended’ and hybrid approach which meets the varied needs of students. This hybrid approach ensures there is no digital divide created between students who may lack the skills or access to technologies at home both at school and in their home learning environments, therefore no child is left behind.

Students will have access to technologies which improve their cognition and enable support, consolidation and/or greater depth thinking across the curriculum. 

Parents are also invited into their child’s learning environment in order to create an interactive cycle of learning and communication. This will improve student voice and foster a collaborative approach in improving students’ awareness of their online safety, digital footprint and progress in school.

Seesaw is our principal digital learning platform where students develop their digital literacy skills and access other digital tools such as SpellingShed, MathsShed, TT Rockstars, BugClub, DigiMaps and many more. These bespoke educational technologies are chosen for the learners by considering a ‘Building Learning Power’ approach and current research and there is a clear progression of these skills throughout the school.

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