Parent Coffee Mornings

Parent Coffee Mornings are back! 

We are delighted to announce that our Parent Coffee Mornings are back and will now be held on a Tuesday morning in the school hall from 8.50am to 9.30am every 2 weeks. Please come along to find out about our school, meet other parents and find out about what is on offer in our local community. 

Why come in for a coffee morning?


  • meet other parents
  • chat to your friends
  • have a coffee and something sweet (for free!)
  • learn something new
  • feel involved and up to date
  • feel great

Coffee mornings are always fun and very informal. Parents can bring their toddlers and babies. There is lots of time to ask questions, share experiences and find out first what is happening in school.


Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Carers, Aunties, Uncles and friends of the family are ALL welcome!


Tuesday 22nd November

This week we were joined by Mr Mullins and Mr Foy who talked to us about Technology for Learning at Plymouth Grove. Please make sure you have downloaded the newest Seesaw app that combines the familiy and class app into one multi app. 

It was great to see so many parents come and listen to how they can help their child access Seesaw and our other technology at home. Please contact school if you have any other questions about how to use Seesaw or if you need help setting this up on your home devices. 


Tuesday 8th November

This week we heard from Miss Humphries who talked about International Children's day which we are celebrating in school on Friday 18th November and how the children will be taking part in an Outright campaign around healthcare. The children will be taking part in different activities around healthy teeth and campaigning for free dental care for all children. 

Rachel Whittle, our Safeguarding Lead, then shared some information about how to look after your child's teeth and having good routines in place so that their teeth remain healthy. 


We then looked at some popular drinks and measured how many teaspoons of sugar is in each drink.




We learned that drinks that we thought were healthy often contained lots of hidden sugars and looking at food labels to see how many grams of sugar (5 grams = 1 teaspoon) are in the drinks. We also need to look out for words like "fructose", sucrose", "glucose" which all mean sugar and are hidden in the food labels. These drinks are ok for special occasions but not for everyday, and when we do have a drink with sugar in it is better to drink from a cup or with a straw to protect the fron teeth and to drink with a meal. 



It was a great morning and good to see so many parents join us. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 22nd November and we will be hearning from Mr Mullins who will be answering our Seesaw and technology questions. 


Friday 8th July 

This week we found out about the Summer reading challenge that all pupils aged 4-11 will be able to take part in this Summer. The following powerpoint will give you more information about how to be involved. If you have any questions, please speak to Ms Fielden, Assistant Headteacher and Reading Lead


Friday 24th June

This week Miss Scott shared with the group about all the different things that were available to do in Manchester over the Summer.

Have a look through the powerpoint to see all of the exciting things that you could do with your families this Summer. Click on the pictures to find out more information about how to book, prices and availability.




Friday 17th June

Following on from our School Parliament presentation on Children's Rights and what makes us a Risghts Respecting School, the parents had opportunity to make a poster of some of the children's favourite Rights. It was really relaxing taking part in mindful colouring and we also found ot about the languages that we speak and the different countries that we came from. Look out for the parent posters to be displayed around school soon! 


IMG-9173 (1).jpg       IMG-9174.jpg    IMG-9175 (1).jpg   IMG-9178 (1).jpg       IMG-9177.jpg   IMG-9176 (1).jpg 


Friday 10th June

It was so great to see many parents join us for our first coffee afternoon! We have really missed being able to have parents come into school the last two years so we were so excited to be able to invite everyone in once again. 




Our Rights Respecting Ambassadors came and presented information about why Children's Rights are important and showed off their artwork from our recent ABCDE of Rights day. They spoke so well and so clearly and made us all very Proud.

ch.PNG    CA.PNG





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